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Batch CCXCV. Schwarzwald, Monday October 23, 2017 NO. 47
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Welcome to "Wunderbar Adventures of Sophistication!"

Episode 5: Being German – BLACK FOREST

Zest Like the Best

Monkey 47 Die Zestenwerkzeuge


Attention all bartenders, connoisseurs and Monkey tamers – the motto in the Black Forest is “zest like the best.” In collaboration with Moritz Wenz Studio and the venerable knife manufacturer, Otter Messer – the former is responsible for the elegant design, while the latter gave the blades their final polish – we have developed two Monkey 47 zesters. One features fixed blades, while the other offers interchangeable blades. Produced in Germany according to the methods of...

Welcome to "Wunderbar Adventures of Sophistication!"

Episode 3: The Kingdom of Bärwurz - BLACK FOREST

Welcome to "Wunderbar Adventures of Sophistication!"

Episode 1: The Volcano of Lemons - SICILY

The Monkey 47 Distiller’s Cut 2012

And The Unquenchable Curiosity For Botanicals

Driven by an unquenchable curiosity for botanicals and a passionate desire to explore new sensory territory, combined with a soft spot for exquisite distillates, our Master Distiller, Christoph Keller, has been embarking on his third annual search for that "specie rara" – a special ingredient for a special and unique Black Forest Dry Gin, our Monkey 47 "Distiller's Cut". Every year, this special edition of just 3,000 bottles sets th...

Monkey 47 Distiller’s Cut 2016

Abietes Melle

Driven by occupational curiosity, a love of sensory experimentation, and a pronounced penchant for unique aromas, Black Forest Distillers have set out on their search for species rara – the singular ingredient that goes into their annual Monkey 47 Distiller’s Cut – for six years running. In 2016, their passion for the unique led the Monkey’s minders back to the groves and valleys of the Black Forest. This is where the Schaberhof – a farmstea...

Welcome to "Wunderbar Adventures of Sophistication!"

Episode 4: The Fields of Purple – PROVENCE

The all new Distiller’s Cut 2015

Monkey meets Bärwurz

his year, our Master Distiller, Christoph Keller, once again embarked on a special distillatory mission. You know how it is – botanical curiosity, a desire to explore new sensory territory, a knack for discovering particular aromas and, last but not least, an eagerness to stay in good spirits (feed the monkey!). The quest for the species rara, or that one special ingredient for our Monkey 47 Distiller's Cut, led us this year to...

Species Rara Award

Species Rara in Bronze. In autumn 2013, the makers of Monkey 47, Alexander Stein and Master Distiller, Christoph Keller, together with their team had the idea of honouring outstanding individuals for their exceptional endeavours. The label of Monkey 47 Black Forest dry gin depicts Max, the guardian monkey of Monkey 47’s originator, Montgomery Collins, balancing on a branch and holding a cranberry twig – in two dimensions. Now the egret monkey is entering the thir...

The Art Of Cork

Quercus Suber

Who would have thought that it all starts in the forest? Well, we actually. Quercus suber, commonly called the cork oak, is a medium-sized, evergreen oak tree in the section Quercus sect. Cerris. It is the primary source of cork for wine bottle stoppers and other uses, such as a bottle stopper for a unique Gin called Monkey 47. The cork oak is native to southwest Europe and northwest Africa and ...

Welcome to "Wunderbar Adventures of Sophistication!"

Episode 6: Stairway to Borovica - CROATIA

Monkey 47 presents: The Unblemished Truth

Behind the Scenes

Welcome to "Wunderbar Adventures of Sophistication!"

Episode 2: Raiders of the lost Bark - PORTUGAL

Monkey 47 The Becher

Mens sana in corpore sano. After several years of sensory research and experimenting with a variety of glasses in search of a healthy mind in a healthy body (the perfect gin and tonic as it were), we have adopted a completely new approach in our hunt for the perfect drinking vessel. In addition to upholding proven German craftsmanship and continuing traditions that have withstood the test of time, the form ...

Just Another Gin?

Monkey 47 - Schwarzwald Dry Gin

Certainly Not! Admittedly, it appears somewhat eccentric to claim that a recipe for gin has the power to unite great British traditions, the exoticness of India, and the purity and nativeness of the Black Forest. And yet it is precisely this eccentricity that defines the enigmatic character of Montgomery Collins, from whom our Schwarzwald Dry Gin originates. MONKEY 47 - Distilled from 47 predominantly unusual but regional botanicals such as lingonberries and ...

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