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Batch CCXCI. Schwarzwald, Thursday October 19, 2017 NO. 47
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Orange - Citrus Sinensis

The Monkey kisses the orange

The orange, or the apple from China as the German term “Apfelsine” suggests, is a member of the citrus genus. A cross between the mandarin and the pomelo, this orange-colored fruit originated in China or Southeast Asia and found its way to Europe in the 15th century (where it was initially cultivated almost exclusively in Portugal). Today the sweet orange has become the most widely grown citrus fruit in the world and is available almost year round. Reaching a height of up to ten meters, the medium-sized, evergreen trees thrive in lime-free soil and full sun. Their leathery leaves have a pointed oval shape and are arranged alternately. The European variety produces delicate white flowers from February to June, while in China the tree blooms from April to May. In order to develop the best flavor, the trees need a lengthy period of very cold nights, with the bright orange color signaling when the fruit is ripe. There is no need to elaborate on the taste, which is sufficiently well known. The same is true for the relaxing and “beautifying” effect of its essential oil, which has both cosmetic and medicinal uses.

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